Saturday, August 22, 2015

Message from a Dogged Investigator

I sent an email message to Detective Inspector Neil McGuinness of the PSNI, asking him for comment on his recent letter to Ed Moloney (that he didn't send to Ed Moloney, because he doesn't know how to find him). I got this remarkable message in response:

Mr Bray,

The investigation into the abduction and murder of Jean McConville is on-going. Can you confirm that Mr Maloney has received my request that he contact me in the matter I referred to in the letter you have received? To date I have not received any reply from Mr Maloney.


Neil McGuinness
Detective Inspector

So there it is: In August of 2015, the PSNI's detectives are waiting for witnesses to get in touch with them about a 1972 murder. And they haven't quite figured out yet how to spell the names of the people they consider witnesses.

The swift and steady hand of justice, ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Mr. Bray, I am one of your students from your UCLA classes US Civil War and Reconstruction and US 1875-1900 The Gilded Age. I wanted to ask you for a letter of recommendation for law school but the email address I had for you appears to belong to someone else. If you could email the gmail account I am posting with I would be grateful.