Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Though participants signed contracts that promised them privacy 'to the extent that American law allows,' project supervisors Ed Moloney, an Irish journalist, and Anthony McIntyre, a former IRA member, have been harshly critical of the University's stance in international media."

-- "Admins Alert Students of Belfast Project," The Heights, Feb. 5, 2012

"On the other hand, Dunn stated that the University made no such promises, and in fact informed Moloney and McIntyre of the risk of subpoena and the danger such a situation could pose to the archives. He admitted that the language 'to the extent that American law provides' was not found exactly in the donor agreement, but stated his belief that the contract was drawn up by Moloney, not BC."

-- "Researchers Weigh In On Belfast Project Legal Drama, The Heights, Feb. 15, 2012

Not found exactly in. Stated his belief that. Could any of that be any clumsier? The story now changes from week to week. This latest version is also a lie, and will also change.

Boston College, your spokesman isn't just a persistent liar -- he's a hapless and obvious liar. He is not serving your cause, and you should make him stop. Why haven't you?


  1. Chris,

    I am so glad he is on BC's side and not ours. That clip is brilliant

  2. You can't always choose your enemies, but sometimes the universe chooses for you -- and the universe turns out to be on your side. I've been laughing out loud all day.

  3. All I have been getting since I arrived home is 'how is this guy so dumb?' I shake my head in amazement that he just tells these ridiculous lies without a hope of getting them past the first point of scrutiny. It's like 'hi, I'm Jack. I just got off a train from Mars.' There are lies and there are stupid lies.

  4. The thoughts of Jack Dunn:

    Ed wrote the contract and he hid it from us. He wouldn't let us see what he had written on our headed notepaper. And each time they came back to the College after the interviewees signed them they were blank because Ed made sure they were done in invisible ink. That's why we didn't know. It is all his fault. Ed also wrote the introduction to his own book and forged Tom Hachey and Bob O'Neill's signatures. Pigs fly, the moon is made of cheese and the earth is flat - look I fell off the edge and landed on my head. What more proof do you need? Ed Told me the earth was round and conned me.

  5. That fucker -- the invisible ink was a clever move.

  6. And I wouldn't call them "thoughts." Maybe the "eruptions of Jack Dunn," or the emissions. But thoughts? Assumes facts not in evidence.

  7. That's is very apt use of the Thurm skit! However, be warned, it is not unknown for blatant lies from those in authority to be sanctioned or tolerated by others in position to ensure that the liar's objective is achieved regardless of how patently obvious the whole sham might be!!