Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of These Days, Alice

So there I am, having a calm, polite, productive discussion with the editors of The Heights. And suddenly, a crazy person storms into the room and starts shitting all over himself:
Taylour and David: Greetings from El Salvador. Please know that Chris Bray is a professional grad student who has no credibility in academe. He is a lap dog for Mr. Moloney who blogs incessantly without regard for the truth. No one takes him seriously. You should not feel compelled to do so either. Chris, David has seen the contract that Mr. Moloney signed and has read the court proceedings and affidavits. He is an excellent reporter who is tough but fair. He is also unflappable. Your pathetic attempt to bully a student reporter will not work here. The Heights is the best student newspaper in the country. They will not be affected by your attacks. I really feel sorry for you. I hope you will grow up one day. I also hope that we meet sometime, where you will not be able to hide behind your key board.

Note that I stood in a hallway a few weeks ago, not ten feet from Jack Dunn, and watched him skitter away behind a trio of campus police as Carrie Twomey tried to speak to him. So, yeah.


  1. Chris,

    Johnny Dangerous is right. Such a clown. Is it Boston College or Boston Circus?

  2. Shading toward the latter. But they could fix a large portion of that problem with a single staffing change.

  3. get rid of Coco? Without him its claim to circus status would be diminished - Hamlet without the Prince.

    Had to smile at his comment that no one takes you seriously. Obviously he does or he would not be waving his fist at you. You are hardly quaking in your boots. Where in The Departed would he fit in? One of the wimps that Mr French beat up?

  4. Chris,

    The Shining starring Jack as Johnny